1:1 Expert Consultations

Harness the intellectual property of our network to boost your analysis and research. HXN is available to help you target experts across the healthcare ecosystem to meet your specific project needs. HXN eliminates the obstacles of accessing these experts and delivers them to you in a simple, manageable way.
Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and organize meetings with the right experts. We are available for one-time consults as well as for on-going, dynamic projects.

HXN can host a variety of events including:

Set Your Goals

Connect with a member of our team who will schedule an introductory call with you to gain a deeper understanding of your project and specific needs

Meet Your Match

Our team will recruit the right experts and provide you with an initial list of qualified experts who have knowledge of your specified topic(s)

Confirm & Learn

Once confirmed, you will have the opportunity to consult our experts as needed to gain their insights and perspectives related to your project