Become a Client

Our team helps to connect clients with a unique network of healthcare experts covering all topic areas. Developed within HLTH, the most important conference for health innovation, HXN harnesses the thought leadership and expertise represented across our broader community.
We believe that the sophisticated healthcare knowledge within our network needs to be shared with those working on projects in and around the health industry. The sharing of key insights and expertise helps drive precision during execution – whether it be deal due diligence, a complex project, or research engagement.

Services Offered

Expert Consultation

Gain a complete perspective

Connect one on one with an industry expert and have meaningful conversations specific to your project needs and questions

Product Pulse

Pressure test against our experts

Share video product demos and overviews with industry decision-makers and buyers to receive high level feedback and help influence future decisions

Hosted Events

Collaborate with community

Foster in-person connections with a group of experts and professionals to share perspectives and insights through in-person events, live webinars and roundtables centered around a specific topic

Research & Insights

Take action with the right insights

Deepen your understanding of specific topics, explore new ideas, and sharpen strategies leveraging unique perspectives and feedback from targeted groups within the ecosystem.